Black Sesame Almond Butter

Lightly roasted almonds and black sesame seeds smoothly blended into a flavourful butter that’s rich in Vitamin B and Iron. No emulsifiers or added salt – just pure goodness in every mouthful.

With a slightly stronger, nuttier flavour, black sesame seeds are a delicious way to add more antioxidants, iron, and fibre to your diet for a better heart health and to counter digestive issues!

All nut butters are in 180g


Digestive Support

Bone Health



Toasted Almonds, Toasted Black Sesame Seed, Organic Molasses

Almonds are a great source of protein, heart healthy fats, and antioxidants which help protect against oxidative stress that contribute to inflammation and aging.
Black Sesame is high in Vitamin-B and Iron which help to activate enzymes that keep your skin and hair looking youthful.
Molasses is a good source of iron, selenium, and copper, all of which help maintain healthy bones

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Tried by Real People around the world…
  1. My mum's favourite!
    This nut butter so smooth and the added sweetener is subtle but just right! Perfect! My mum have this with her toast every single day

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  2. Black Sesame Lover
    If you love black sesame, you must have this. I love spreading it with bun or rice cake. it is creamy and easy to spread. love it!

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  3. Best eaten with a spoon!
    Omg I just eat this straight from the jar. I love sesame, and the fact that the sugar content is not high is PERFECT. The nut butter is not prominent, but I think the sesame is supposed to be the star of the show anyway.

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