If you grew up in a Chinese household, you'd probably have fond memories of receiving little red packets of money from your elders during Lunar New Year - but did you know the story behind this well-known gesture?



This tradition dates back thousands of years to the Qin Dynasty (221 to 206 BC) where elders would thread coins through a red string for the younger generation, believing it would protect them from sickness and death. As the colour red has always been an auspicious colour symbolising good energy and luck, those who received a red envelope were wished another safe and peaceful year (so heartwarming!)






Customarily, one starts handing out angpaos when they get married. However, it's also become acceptable to give them when you start working as a sign of independence - an interesting development reflecting how cultures and traditions are modified and adapted, according to our modern norms and practices.

This Lunar New Year, we're paying homage to the tradition in the best way we can and know: with our limited-edition Lunar Nut Mix Gift Box! It contains an auspicious 8 nut mixes packed in little red and gold packets specially designed to look just like angpaos, including an exclusive Golden Prosperity Nut Mix for some extra HUAT. The Golden Prosperity Nut Mix (also known as the Golden Jujube Nut Mix) is a new and limited-edition flavour we have created to celebrate the new year. Inspired by classic Asian dessert Ling Chee Kang, it's a delicious mix of dried longans, crispy red dates (jujube!) and selection of brain-healthy nuts such as walnuts and almonds.

What else is inside the Gift Box you ask? All 7 of our classic flavoured nut mixes and trail mixes! Sweet, savoury, or plain; we've got you covered with an abundance of flavour and health this new year. Because at Amazin' Graze, health indeed is wealth. We know how hard it might seem to snack healthily this festive season with the abundance of high sugar and fat found in traditional snacks, but we're here to change that!

You've now got the option to give the gift of health this LNY with our Lunar Nut Mix Box.

Are you ready to up your angpao game with us?