Happy International Women’s Day to all the beautiful strong women out there!


A great day to celebrate, love, respect and show gratitude to the women in our lives.  She may be a mother, a sister, a wife, a girlfriend, a friend, an employer, an employee, a colleague, a mentor or a mentee. Very likely she is a multi-tasker, wears many hats and ploughs through her day with grace and strength.

This special day is a great reminder to not take things for granted.  One of Amy's mentors at The World Bank told her that change takes a very long time and is often the result of many blood and tears.  We remind ourselves today that it took the sacrifice of many visionary men and women for women today to be treated as equal members of the society,  to receive education, to have the freedom to choose their careers and their partners.

"change takes a very long time and is often the result of many blood and tears."

International Women's Day also reminds us that there is still a lot that needs to be done. Least we forget that girls like Malala Yousafzai (Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2014)  was shot in the head for going to school, that at least 200 million women and girls across 30 countries still experience female genital mutilation (UNICEF 2016) and 1 in 3 women in developing countries are married before the age of 18 (ICRW 2016).

For us, today is a day of encouragement to keep on striving and to be each other’s pillar of strength.

Coming from a small team of strong women (8/9 people in our team are women), we are reminded today to be exceptionally thankful for our families. Thanks especially to our mothers who told us that we were capable of doing anything and taught us the importance of having our own careers and holding our own.

"Thanks especially to our mothers who told us that we were capable of doing anything..."

This advice and mentality has pervaded to the team here at Amazin' Graze.  The AG family currently consist of 9 women and one man; the only knight in our team. The women in the team are strong, hardworking, dedicated, passionate, kind and we look after each other.  There is no distinction between men and women at work in terms of what we're capable of doing. We will not be here today without this Amazin' team.

We would also love to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate all our dear customers today, for being the strong women they are and for being men who honour the women in their lives. We will be including fun size gift packs of our brand new Mocha Vanilla Latte Granola and Peanut Butter Choc Chip Granola into all orders placed on our online website today at www.amazingraze.co. There is no better gift that the gift of good health and the opportunity of eating better together.

Have a great day and don’t forget to tell the women in your life that you love them for being so amazin’ every single day!


The Amazin’ Team

*Packs will be delivered on Fri for SG orders