Practiced by Muslims worldwide, Ramadan is a month of reflection, fasting, prayers and community. In this critical period, we want to help make Ramadan easier and healthier, by consuming the right food that is good for your body.

Having a balanced and nutritious meal during Ramadan is important as these meals will need to replenish energy stores and help sustain your fast the following day. Meals that are high in fibre and low in GI (glycemic index) are extremely important during this fasting season, as your body will need more time in digesting which slows the release of carbohydrates, which in return will avoid spike of blood sugar level (food coma!) and gives you sustainable energy, which keeps you full longer.

Ramadan or fasting is a great opportunity to cultivate good eating habits that will stay with you, and reset your body so you can be stronger and healthier!


We’ve put together a list of foods that can help you find a cleaner way to start or break you fast and make the rest of your Ramadan a healthy one.


Traditional Rolled Oats


Oats are one of the healthiest grains on earth and with good reason! It has extremely high levels of nutrient, fibre and protein - which have been proven to have incredible health benefits. A bowl of warm and satisfying oatmeal is a great way to fuel yourself and kick start the day. As it has a good source of dietary fibre (even better than white rice, actually 7 times better!), which will help you stay full longer. Overall, oats contain protein and fibre-rich carbohydrates, which is the winning combination for long-lasting energy in the morning! You can even top it off with your favourite fruits, granolas or nuts to boost the protein & nutritional values in that bowl. For those of you who just want a quick & satisfying meal... we do an amazin' range of Goodness Bowl, which is a one-step oat based meal packed with fruits, nuts and seeds! It has all the nutrients, protein & fibre you need for the day, and only takes 90 seconds to prepare.




Traditionally eaten to break fast, dates are a nutritious burst of natural sugar! They fuel your body with much needed natural sugar, and is packed with minerals like potassium, copper and manganese and are a source of fibre.  If you suffer from headaches during the fasting hours, most likely caused by low blood sugar, begin your iftar with 2 dates and replenish your sugar levels! Dates are also extremely easy to digest, which is an important feature for those who have been fasting all day. Which is why we included Jumbo Medjool Dates in our Amazin' Care Box, and Ramadan bundles just for you! As an alternative, you could also try other dried fruits such as apricots, figs, raisins or prunes, which also provide high level of fibre and nutrients.




Hearty & flavourful, quinoa has a majestic history! It is one of the ancient grains, which are a group of grains that have remained mostly unchanged for thousands of years. It's become a dietary staple in most parts of the world and quinoa is a must-have in your kitchen-shelf this Ramadan. This pseudo-cereal is gluten-free, high in protein and one of the few edible seeds that is packed with nine essential amino acids. Not only is quinoa perfect for the health conscious, it a tasty seed that works well in a myriad bunch of combinations. You can have them sweet with a dash of coconut milk dusted with cinnamon or throw in some colourful roasted veggies for a delicious, quick and filling salad. We have also included it as part of the key ingredients in our entire range of Goodness Bowls!


Chia Seeds


Despite their small size, chia seeds are full of important nutrients. They are dense with nutrients and packed with energy boosting power! Chia seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, rich in antioxidants, and they provide plenty of fibre, iron, and calcium. Omega-3 fatty acids help raise HDL cholesterol, the “good” cholesterol that protects against heart attack and stroke. Chia seeds are actually perfect for fasting because they absorb up to 10 times more water, which in return help minimise dehydration throughout the day. The high fibre and protein content of chia seeds can be credited to the slow release of energy over an extended period of time, which keeps you full for longer.




Buckwheat has become popular as a health food due to its high mineral and antioxidant content, richer in minerals than most common rice, wheat or corn. It is very rich in vitamin E, selenium and phenolic acid. Thanks to its rich content, it can be used for appetite control and decreasing cholesterol levels. Buckwheat is a great way to stay full longer, without it being fattening! For an added bonus, buckwheat may also be good for your mental health since it contains magnesium, which may help alleviate anxiety.


Fruits, Nuts & Seeds


To make hydrating your body more interesting, you can consume hydrating fruits which are high in water content, and nutritious nuts to fill you up! Some of the hydrating fruits you can try are tomatoes (95% water content), peaches (88% water content), oranges (85% water content) and of course, watermelon (92% water content). There are so many ways for you to consume them, eat it on it's own, toss them in a salad or even making a smoothie! Some of our favourite nutritious nuts are Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews and Brazil nuts - which is why we had to include them in our range of Nut & Trail Mixes!




In addition to all of that, one of the most basic food you can eat to stay full longer is bread! Go for wholegrain options as these provide more fibre, such as wholemeal toasts or chapattis. Avoid combining bread with salty foods like hard cheese, or preserved meats. You could try nut butters, or even fruits! As bread is fairly dry, make sure you drink plenty of water or other fluids alongside! Choosing good carbs is important, and your meals should always contain a source of complex carbohydrates, which provides a more stable and sustainable source of energy in addition to an extra dose of fibre and minerals!


Overall, you should drink plenty of fluids, choose fluid-rich foods to make sure you are well hydrated for the day ahead and go for starchy foods for energy, choosing high fibre or wholegrain varieties where possible as these can help keep you feeling fuller and can aid digestion too! Staying away from foods which are high in fat, salt and sugar is also a pro tip! Though it might be tempting to eat quick, or having a larger portion... Controlling the size of your portion is key to staying healthy and preventing weight gain. As a rule of thumb, don’t exceed amounts you would have for a typical lunch or dinner meal.


Eating healthy isn't just about eating one good ingredient, it's about having the right proportion of everything. A balanced diet is key for our health and to help make us feel the best we can. With that, Amazin' Graze products are made of different combination of grains, seeds, nuts, and even real fruit bits that are not just healthy, but geared to give you sustained energy so you can feel full longer, and stay healthy to do more.