Well, Grazers, we’re officially into the month of November..which means it’s time for Christmas! Well, not quite yet. But the excitement is definitely beginning to build. All you need to do is visit a shopping mall to get a full on dose of Christmas spirit.


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But the sudden flip of a switch into Christmas mode can be overwhelming. Going from 0 to 100 isn’t for everyone! What if you (like me) love Christmas, but prefer to experience it in small ways first, building up to the full excitement that is Christmas itself?

Or maybe you’re reeeeally into Christmas but don’t want to be the only one in ultra-Christmas mode in November?


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Or perhaps you want to get into the Christmas spirit, but don’t have the time/skills/money to replicate all the cool Christmas ideas you see on Pinterest.

Well never fear – here are some easy and fun ideas on how to experience Christmas in your daily life (yes, even in November). Better yet, they require minimal effort and budget!


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Make your own Christmas-themed drinks

Absolutely love Christmas beverages but can’t afford them (both in terms of money and calories)? Make a healthier version at home – they’re surprisingly easy! Try this recipe for a pumpkin spice latte, or perhaps a healthy peppermint hot chocolate. Christmas in a cup – for a fraction of the price!


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Make a healthy Christmas treat

If drinks aren’t your cup of tea (pun intended), then you can also opt for a Christmas-themed healthy snack! Try our healthy twist on a traditional chocolate chip cookie (bonus: your house will smell absolutely fantastic)! Or if you’re not into baking, these Ginger Cinnamon Bliss Balls have concentrated Christmas flavour with all the effort of pressing the button on a blender!


Make everything smell like Christmas

Did you know that among all the physical senses, the sense of smell is most strongly connected with memories and emotions? Bring Christmas with you wherever you go in the form of peppermint essential oil (or any other oil that evokes Christmas to you). Just put a drop on your pillow, in your car, on your sleeve – and voila! Instant Christmas spirit. Besides, most essential oils have other benefits too (peppermint is especially known for being calming to the body)!


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Make an unusual Christmas playlist

Christmas carols are a surefire way of getting into the spirit of Christmas – until you hear them on repeat wherever you go. For a more subtle, but still festive option, try creating a Christmas playlist of piano or violin instrumental versions of traditional Christmas songs. You’ll be surprised at how uplifting a piano rendition of Frosty the Snowman can sound – even when you’re no longer too keen on the original.


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Make someone’s day – every day

It’s never too early to get into the spirit of giving this Christmas. Doing nice things for others is good for the soul – and it’s a great way to refresh, reflect, and get ready to wrap up the year. As we count down the remaining month to Christmas, why not consciously do one good deed a day – pay a compliment, help with a task, share a possession..anything works! And that heartwarming feeling you get after doing something good? Now that’s a true experience of Christmas.


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