Amazin’ Graze started over a coffee chat back in April 2015. Ching and I recognised that one of our biggest challenges in Malaysia was finding health foods and snacks.  In fact, this problem was not unique to us alone but to Malaysia and many ASEAN countries in general. We connected over this passionate cause and mustered the courage to introduce our first products to the market in June.


Since then , the last six months has been crazy to say the least. We’ve been working non-stop on recipe development, ingredients sourcing, tweaking our brand’s designs, baking and packaging, attending market after market, hiring people and building our central kitchen and retail space.  Oh, and did I mention we also squeezed in a live DJ-yoga event for over a hundred people which was super exciting and fun?

The journey has been very fulfilling and rewarding and we wouldn’t exchange this experience for anything else.  However, at the same time, we were also overworked and dropped the ball on our health.  We often forgot to eat on time or ate for convenience rather than for wellness. The long list of daily to-dos added adrenaline and stress to the equation (for those of you considering a life of entrepreneurship, be forewarned!).   As a health food company, we realised the irony that in the process of helping others lead healthier lives, we were also letting our own bodies down.

Which brings us to the present. As part of our end-of-year reflections and goal-setting for 2016, we’ve decided to embark on a health challenge to remind ourselves of the importance of looking after our bodies & minds.  Despite the craziness of running a food startup, we’ve set the following goals for our team at Amazin’ Graze:

  • Eating food with higher nutritional benefits for our bodies (no empty calories!).
  • Exercising at least 2-3 times a week.
  • Sleeping at least 7 hours a night.
  • Spend daily ‘me' time to meditate, read a book or reflect.

Throughout the rest of this year, we will continue to post articles on how to eat and live well. We will explore health foods, recipes, recommendations and reviews of health products and activities.We will journey on the road less frazzled as we quest for inner peace. We invite you and our community to embark on this health challenge together with us in 2016 to set these essential living habits that will benefit us for life.

Stay tuned!