Did you know your peanut butter preference could say a lot about you? In 2020, OnePoll examined the peanut butter and snacking habits of 2,000 Americans – evenly split by their preference of crunchy vs. creamy peanut butter. The results may suprise you!


A third of all respondents say they're "extremely" passionate about their peanut butter preference, while nearly half of all respondents said it would be a deal breaker to find out their date is on the opposite side of the creamy vs crunchy debate. Given the participants' strong beliefs and loyalty towards their preferred texture, you can imagine the other things they have in common. Surprisingly, those who prefer creamy were more likely to be judged for their preference than those who prefer crunchy—at 50% compared to 32%.


OnePoll learned:

  1. If you prefer Creamy odds are you're 35% an early bird and 33% an introvert
  2. If you prefer Crunchy odds are you're 46% a night owl and 25% an extrovert
  3. Those who prefer Crunchy peanut butters are more optimistic than those who like Creamy
  4. Creamy fans were teased more over their peanut butter preference than their crunchy counterparts growing up (47% vs. 28%).

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