This Christmas, we want to help you skip the hassle that comes with Christmas shopping. We found 10 different and unique gifts for everyone on your list! Plus, they’re all proudly local. What do you think?


#1 Beautiful Porcelain by Supermama

Bring home minimalistic chic with these beautiful porcelain homeware, Supermama presents some of the finest design collection straight from the maker’s hands. This could be the perfect gift for your friends or loved ones who appreciate these unique plates.


#2 Cute Cushions by The Farm Store

Guaranteed to bring your family to a smile with these iconic Singaporean food turned to cushions! Don’t really fancy this? They sell a bunch of really quirky and unique stuff on their site too!


#3 Dainty Jewelry by By Invite Only

These stunning and rustic jewelry definitely captivated us with its unique design. This necklace is a fantasy brought to life and the perfect gift for any special occasion! Add some sparkle for your loved ones this Christmas…


#4 Merry Gift Box by Amazin’ Graze

Think Christmas flavours… now imagine them all packed in one whimsical box! Amazin’ Graze packed all the magic of Christmas in one Merry Gift Box - making it the perfect treats for everyone this Christmas!


#5 2020 Journals by The Paper Bunny

Help your friends or loved ones start their 2020 organized with these beautiful selection of 2020 Journals by The Paper Bunny. It’s the perfect way to start of a well-organized year and will definitely impress the creative-driven!


#6 Soothing Aromatherapy Oils by Klosh



What better gift for Christmas than a promise of relieving their mental fatigue? These essential oils were handcrafted to perfection! The roll-on aromatherapy blend will make your loved ones have the best nights’ sleep of their lives.


#7 Flowers and Christmas Gift Box by Happy Bunch

You shouldn’t need a reason to send someone flowers, but Happy Bunch makes the loveliest festive bouquets this time of the year and it’s impossible to say no to! This year, they’re also giving you the option to add on a Christmas Gift Box filled with everything festive!


#8 Candle Gift Set by Hush Candle

Nothing beats having your home smell like the holidays with your favourite Christmas scent, so why not spread the magic and fill everyone’s home with festive fragrance! This perfect set even comes with a gift box and gift-tag at such a wallet-friendly price…


#9 Essential Skincare by Sigi Skin



Pamper your loved ones with the perfect skincare gift, it’s unique blend will leave your skin plump and even protect it from UVA and UVB rays. They’re proudly homegrown and made in Korea. Now you can give the gift of healthy skin!


#10 Terrariums by Green Banana

Terrariums are on-trend, easy to maintain and make excellent gifts! When you gift them a terrarium, you’re also gifting them the opportunity to brighten up their space and in turn, soothes the soul.


-Happy shopping and Merry Christmas from Amazin' Graze-