From the excitement of the new year – with fireworks and hugs all around, to the heavy silence that fell over the city as we all self-quarantined at home, it’s been a rollercoaster of a year, hasn’t it?

If we’re being completely honest, the Amazin’ Graze team was as stunned as the rest of the world when everything first happened. IGLives, webinars, and podcasts started taking over our media consumption and if there's one word we hear the most this year, it's definitely the 'New Norm'.

We started getting used to virtual concerts, online workouts, and the different trend of recipes such as Dalgona coffee, souffle pancake and sourdough; sanitisers and face masks are now one of the top purchased items in our shopping list, not to forget all the Zoom calls and games on the Houseparty app with your BFFs and loved ones.

If there's one thing we have learned here, it's definitely the endurance and strength of us to combat any challenges life (or nature) has thrown to us. So this year, with the holiday season coming, despite travelling internationally isn't happening, and staying home social distancing is definitely a top priority, we would wish to introduce you something magical and joyful to explore.

Meet our 2020 edition of 12-recipe e-book for people of all ages. This recipe book has been crafted with purpose, using different Amazin’ Graze products in mouthwatering dishes that have been designed to be vegetarian or vegan-friendly, a good way to sustain good health (as best as we can), and to give you a fun and relaxing time in the kitchen! These recipes vary in difficulty, but everything’s achievable with a pinch of effort and attention.

Share the magic, one bite at a time.


With these recipes, we hope that it’ll bring you and your family closer, or give you the chance to spice things up in the kitchen while you work on some very important ME TIME. You can even try these recipes out while you’re FaceTiming your loved ones overseas! But no matter how and with whom you enjoy this recipe book, we hope that it’ll make good memories and ignite true moments of joy, just like it did when we experimented on these recipes with the rest of the Amazin’ Graze team.

Here’s to sharing the magic, one bite at a time!

Holiday Recipes 2020 Edition

(download by clicking the link above!)