-This article is written by MarComms Executive Ashley Wong-

Growing up in Malaysia, Kaya has always been a staple ingredient in the pantry. A quick breakfast before school and an easy teatime delight. It was not until I went overseas for my studies that I realised the significance of this traditional spread that is only readily available here. Kaya is a traditional coconut jam that is made from a base of coconut milk, eggs and sugar.


The term "Kaya" means rich in Bahasa Malaysia; which makes sense as it is silky, smooth, with a rich flavour, complete with a golden brown hue. There are two different variations of Kaya; Hainanese Kaya which has a golden hue from the caramelised sugar and Nyonya Pandan Kaya which is green from the fragrant Pandan leaves.




Kaya is not an easy spread to make traditionally (just like all traditional food in Asia!). With a double boiler for a gentle simmer, the Kaya has to be stirred diligently for hours, yes, laborious hours! The egg mixture slowly transforms into a silky and thicker consistency, and then the pale yellowish colour transforms to a golden amber colour with the addition of caramel. The amount of effort and time that goes in makes it taste even better as it is a labour of love. Nowadays, there definitely are many recipes that are not as tedious but tastes just as good!


At Amazin' Graze, we've always had a vision to champion local Southeast Asian ingredients and flavour in our product R&D, so more people in the world can discover the rich flavour this region has to offer, while keeping it original and familiar with the locals in Malaysia and Singapore. And when we were discussing what flavour should we explore a few years back for our National Day campaign, Kaya came into mind immediately.


May we introduce you the.......

Coconut Kaya Granola - inspired by Kaya toasts that is a traditional breakfast in Malaysia and Singapore.

Using fresh Pandan leaves, egg yolk powder, coconut sugar, and coconut cream to create a delicious Kaya coat for our granola clusters, this indulgent granola is topped with pecans to adorn its rich & earthy flavour, along with heart-healthy almonds and dried cranberries for a hinge of tanginess.


The best way to enjoy this granola? On its own! We also love pairing it with plain almond milk, and let the aroma and sweetness of this granola settle in. It's truly an indulgent treat, all without the guilt.